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Our South Fargo warehouse located at 10333 38th St S, Horace, ND 58047 (exit 56 on I-29) is open year-round! Please contact us at 701-588-4034 for current hours of operation or to set up an appointment.

South Fargo


Deals – Coupons – Promotions Every year at Memory Fireworks we select the best fireworks to include in our promotional deals.  If you forget your coupons at home, don’t worry, we have you covered.  Prior to the start of the selling

Memory Fireworks Locations Map


Open June 27th through July 4th 8am – 11pm (July 5th hours may vary) South Fargo is open year-round Memory Fireworks has more locations in North Dakota than anyone else.  Use the map below to select the pin point nearest you.

dakota and memory series


Memory Fireworks brings you the largest selection of fireworks at the lowest prices in North Dakota.  By far the most popular fireworks that we carry are the Dakota Series and Memory Series, which we personally designed to be the absolute best.  Remember the Dakota