Fireworks Season Dates

You can buy fireworks in North Dakota starting June 27th and sales run through July 5th.  The 4th of July fireworks season is over before you know it so check our locations page to find the stand nearest you.  The opening and closing dates of the fireworks season are set by the North Dakota Health & Safety Code in Title 23.

23-15-01. Fireworks defined – Sale of fireworks. 2. Any person operating a retail business and who has a retail license as provided in section 23-15-04 may offer for sale and sell at retail that year, to any individual who is at least twelve years of age, only during the periods of June twenty-seventh through July fifth and December twenty-sixth through January first.

There is also a New Year’s fireworks season opening December 26th and ending January 1st.  During the New Year’s season we only run a limited number of locations.  We will update our list of available winter locations through social media as well as here on our site.